Mid Week Music News

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Mid Week Music News

Another week dancing with the devil in the cutting world of what we call rock AND roll. And have we learnt anything from it? Well yes we have.

We've learnt that Chris Martin is NOT the new Noel Gallagher, that Noel Gallagher might be the new Chris Martin, who we've also learnt might just be a bit crap in bed. We've learnt that Babyshambles should never play Thailand, but maybe they should take some more advice from Pete's new mate Elton.

We were also pleased to hear that Londonist favourites The Duke Spirit will be back in the studio soon (hooray!), that Iron Maiden will be inducted into the Rock Walk of Fame in Hollywood this weekend (although we don't know if Eddie's going to be invited) and that after six months in hospital Edwyn Collins has finally been released home, only to be replaced by Madonna who apparently was badly hurt falling off her horse yesterday. Horses, the new quad bikes eh?

But enough of our yakking, it's Wednesday which must mean that it's time to suggest a few non stadia sized gigs for the week ahead.

If you can get down to the Virgin Megastore on Picadilly Circus for 5.30 this evening you can catch Britpop survivors and terminal fuzzies, Supergrass signing and singing new album Road To Rouen. Alternatively, if you're more into bike oil, tattoos and leather then the glorious Zodiac Mindwarp and his Love Reaction will be at the Underworld. Expect to find Londonistas there.

Thursday 18th The Delta Blues keep busy playing a charity show at The Purple Turtle, just over the road from Kokos.

Friday, the only member of Ash to look good in a short denim skirt, Charlotte Hatherly takes her turn at Club NME up in the very fine Kokos, which coincidentaly is just over the road from the Purple Turtle. It's a small world.

Saturday everyone's at V from the looks of it. Rent a movie. Oldboy's the current Londonist favourite.

Sunday we normally tell you to take it easy, walk the wife, kiss the dog and play frisbee with the kids. But not this week. This week we suggest you take Sunday off from taking Sunday off and go see The Eighteenth Day Of May at the Come Down and Meet the Folks night, the Fiddlers Elbow, Kentish Town. Band on at 6 and it'll cost you nothing to get in.

Monday you're going to have to get up pretty damn early to bag yourselves a pair of tickets (availbale from 9, queue from whenever) for the Goldfrapp instore at the Oxford Street Virgin Megastore. Alison and Will onstage at 6.

Tuesday it's your third freebie this week - we're saving you money here folks. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club go all Johnny Cash on us. Same score as before (in other words it's Virgin, queue for tickets etc)

Wednesday. Well we'll see you back here in 7.

Last Updated 17 August 2005