Inside Chez Murdoch

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Inside Chez Murdoch

Londonist is always partial to a little bit of celebrity house-snooping, especially when the celebrity in question is 'media mogul of media moguls' Rupert Murdoch.

Thanks have to go then to The Age who have summarised Wallpaper magazine's "rare tour through the Mayfair penthouse in which Mr Murdoch, wife Wendi Deng and two preschool daughters plan to spend about 10 weeks a year."

So what's to see? Well, there's a bookcase on which stands,

A portrait of himself, as well as an intriguing confection of theology, philosophy and airport fiction.

A guide to I Ching nestles against The World's Best Jewish Jokes — and both books are partially obscured by two Bibles. Then there are thrillers by John le Carre and Scott Turow, and a Sotheby's catalogue.

Murdoch is, as you might imagine, a bity of gadget nerd:

The penthouse is an adventure playground of communications devices, hidden snugly behind and inside innocent-looking fittings.

But the pad is a bit 'souless' apparently. For example, Mr and Mrs Murdoch "even left it to the designers to choose toys for the children's rooms."


In the wardrobes are "a relatively Spartan collection of Savile Row shirts and a top hat, while Feng Shui influence limits decorative items to a wedding photo in the couple's room."

But let's get to the really important stuff: the fridge? Here "one learns that Mr Murdoch drinks VB. Two stubbies sit alongside a jar of mayonnaise, water, dried fruit, cereal and skim milk."

What, no cold pizza for breakfast?

Last Updated 11 August 2005