Getting On Schwimmingly

By Rob Last edited 161 months ago
Getting On Schwimmingly

Well, thank God for that. David Schwimmer has found love, and good old Blighty love at that.

We here at Londonist were beginning to fear that Dave might go back to the States to tell all his 'Friends' (huh? huh?) that London is a dreadful place full of catty tabloid journalists and gobby comediennes.

But today we read that Ross David has been seeing a London-based marketing executive for the past couple of months since they met in "a crowded pub during a night out in the British capital".

A friend of Miller says, "David spotted Nicole across a pub a few months back. He sent a bottle of red wine to her table and then made his way over.

She thought it was very romantic. They got on like a house on fire."

Aaah bless.

P.S. Anyone who claims that we only wrote this story up so we could use this picture of Dave making a cool gun shape with his fingers again - is completely out of order.

Last Updated 16 August 2005