Galloway Live!

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Galloway Live!

Just think what you can do with fifteen quid.

You could buy a CD or a couple of paperback books. You could place a bid on this fabulous gothic front door bell, or you could just go and treat yourself to a McDonalds banquet.

Or you could buy a ticket for an Audience with George Galloway at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

Now we know what you're thinking: aren't politicians supposed to do regular Q+A's with the public FOR FREE? Isn't it part of THEIR JOB?

Well, the way George sees it, fiteen quid is a bargain price to give us mere mortals the chance to meet the real George Galloway, as opposed to "the fictional character invented by the media".

People can hear the true story of my life, about my beliefs and passions and discover the truth for themselves. I am looking forward to a lively Q & A session with theatre-goers - who are free to ask me anything. It promises to be a great evening!

Personally we'd rather stick knitting needles in our eyes than listen to George talk about how great it is, but that's just us.

You can book tickets online here, just don't go along and try and hold him hostage. He hates it when that happens.

Last Updated 25 August 2005