Fish Sunday Thinking

By Rob Last edited 164 months ago
Fish Sunday Thinking

Apparently there's a new book out which has "London buzzing" thanks to the scandalous sexual antics and misbehavior of some of its characters, said to be based on the partners at "one of London`s biggest law firms".

Called Fish Sunday Thinking the novel is written by a former solicitor writing under the pseudonym of 'Alex Gilmore'.

Alex's lawyer characters are portrayed as "sex-obsessed and sadistic, while female lawyers are judged by the size of their breasts rather than their legal acumen," which (depending on your point of view) is either the least shocking 'revelation' you've read all year, or is just a blatant attempt to get publicity by mentioning the words 'sexual antics' and 'breasts' in a press release.

Having said that, there are some good readers' reviews up on Amazon, but they're all from real-life lawyers...and do you really want to trust them?

Last Updated 26 August 2005