Coldplay Video Locations

By Rob Last edited 161 months ago
Coldplay Video Locations

Every now and again a music video is released which features too many abstract shots of London's streets for us to ignore. It happened with the Chemical Brothers and Kylie, and now it's Coldplay's turn.

Their video for the new single Fix You isn't exactly groundbreaking (close up shots of Chris Martin looking pained in an equally miserable environment), but if you ignore the posturing then it is fun to play 'Spot the Location'.

Is this underneath one of the arches off Tooley Street?


Bit of an easy one this. Got to be the half-built Eurostar terminal at Kings Cross.


Another easy one: Waterloo Bridge, going north. But did they light up the buildings like that for real - or is it all post-production trickery?


After crossing the river Martin then legs it to a nearby stadium to join the rest of his band to finish the song in front of a crowd of appreciative fans. But is that the Reebok Stadium in Bolton? That's a hell of a sprint if it is.

Let us know in the comments if you spot anything we missed.

Last Updated 10 August 2005