But They Let Bush In?

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But They Let Bush In?

In a tabloid-writer's wet dream (and several of this blogger's actual wet dreams), a troupe of agitated monkeys has been repulsed from Downing Street, tails between their legs. The faction of simian-suited protesters (alas, not genuine monkeys) demanded entrance to the cul-de-sac of power to hand over an animal-rights petition. The stunt was organised by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, to draw attention to what they see as unacceptable experimentation on animals.

They'd certainly made an effort; dressed up to the vines in slick city suits with bowler hats atop their massive monkey heads. But the Old Bill didn't give a monkey's for the pastiche primates, keeping them firmly behind bars. As the BBC's wry sketch puts it:

Downing Street had security worries about allowing people hidden in animal costumes to enter its heavily-policed gates, presumably without even pets' passports.

Nah. We reckon the Cabinet are shitting bricks after the last costume-aided security breach, in which a group of Slitheen disguised as humans infiltrated Number 10 and caused havoc.



…But they're on Wikipedia?

Anyway, the monkeymen had to get a sympathetic MP to hand over their petition at the door of Number 10. End of story really. Our heart was never really in this one. We just wanted an excuse to show off our simian rendering of the Prime minister, created using this fantastic site. No monkeys or leaders of Her Majesty's Government were put under undue stress in the making of this image.

Last Updated 03 August 2005


It took me a moment but then I realized you were taking the opportunity to suggest the American President looks like... a monkey! Oh but you are droll. What a card. Such is the state of the famous British sense of humour. Please, do share some of your fart jokes.


A bit sensitive about Chimpy, aren't we?


Yeah, the Bush reference seems like a substitute for a joke - something inserted to cover up a general humorlessness. Having come from the U.S. I'm used to the -ist websites having some sort of insight. The Londonist doesn't appear to have opposable thumbs though. It even has enforcers like Will who bully the commenters. So much for free speech.


I find being called an "enforcer" strangely flattering. I'm sorry you don't like our website and will have to make do with the rest of the internet.

And free speech rocks, which is why Flea and pugsly's comment's have not been deleted.

I'm also sorry you take offense at us drawing attention to Bush's simian similarities. Rest assured we are much, MUCH ruder about our own rulers. But at least they're not drunks.


A bit sensitive about pugsly aren't we? I thought you might enjoy being referred to as the comment enforcer. No wonder the comment sections are dead on the londonist. fun.