Booking Ahead

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Booking Ahead

Gigs, gigs, gigs, pay money and see shows. Unless of course they're free. You should always go and see free shows, especially if its the Editors this evening at 7pm at the Truman Brewery Complex on Brick Lane. Friends of ours keep haranguanging us about how good they are live but as always you should make your own minds up. Which you can only do by going. There, said done, on to Elbow.

Elbow tickets are on sale from tomorrow for the 25th November at Brixton. Altogether now: Yeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Their awesome new single Forget Myself is out Monday, just in time to save the world once again from dull heartless drivel. However, even better news for those right minded folks who are having trouble waiting for the album to come out on the 12th; this arrived in the post the other day:

Elbow's label, V2 are offering the album exclusively a week before release through TellJack. By visiting you have the opportunity to pre-order the upcoming album in digital or physical format receiving the content anything up to a week before the official release date. Packages include free bonus material including the videos for 'Station Approach' and 'Forget Myself'

Oh happy happy joy joy. Now back to the serious stuff.

Sterophonics. They were serious for a while. Are they still serious? Who cares. Any way they're playing Alexandra Palace 16th and 17th December and a recent return to form in the shape of the Language Sex Violence Other album means that we can no longer laugh and point at them as we used to do when they turned into Rod Stewart.

What is it with playing Alexandra Palace these days? Think you've outgrown a couple of nights at the Brixton Academy and suddenly you're up a hill in North London. You probably know this already but Franz Ferdinand are there on the 30th November, 1st December. We do like the glammed up new single though.

And finally it's become traditional now to mop up festivals early by offering tickets for the following year to all those still on a high, which is why you can now get tickets for V2006. One year it's going to be a stinker and you'll all wish you'd waited.

If you're off to Reading, Clapham or Carnival this weekend have a great one and look after each other.

Last Updated 26 August 2005