Booking Ahead

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Booking Ahead

Right, if you're reading this anytime after 9.05am chances are you'll not be able to get your hands on the Foo Fighters tickets that went on sale this morning. Expect big grins, trimmed beards, epic chords and lots of shouting from Chancellor Grohl and chums at Earl's Court on Sunday 17th December and whatever other date they add after this one has sold out.

No grins, no beards, no epics but possibly lots of shouting, QOTSA (that's Queens Of The Stone Age non-rock fans) have rescheduled their Sommerset House date for Brixton on the 22nd of this month. And there are STILL tickets. So go buy them. NOW. RIGHT NOW. And tell us about it because we can't go : (

We may be a little tired of the last Scissor Sisters album now but at least there's a new one on the way. And they did play two of the best shows we saw last year and got our sweet (and I do mean sweet) arses dancing in a muddy field. If you want to see them play an 'intimate' and no doubt hot and sweaty V Festival warm up show at the Astoria on the 18th August the you need to go here pretty damn sharpish. You'll need to register and you can get hold of a Mastodon May we all get the fuck along wristband at the same time. Our sentiments exactly.

If you fancy keeping it real, comedy welshmen Goldie Lookin' Chain will be saying rude things about your mother's biological make up and smoking a blunt load of chronics. Or something like that. Be at the Scala on the 19th September. It's the new Newham.

The hot to trot Arctic Monkeys bring their reputation for steaming live shows to the Mean Fiddler on October 6th. We've not checked them out yet but friends of the big L were raving about them and they seemed to know what they're talking about.

Dance, trance and not from France (they're Norwegian doncha know) duo Royksopp will be headlining Brixton on October 14th. We wandered past them at Glastonbury this year and all we could see was an enormous metal box on stage so it could be interesting.

What could be more rock'n'roll than announcing your engagement to a fellow band member and long time girlfriend on stage at your own gig? Well maybe popping the question , but if she'd said no.... Anyways, catch up with those crazy kids from The Subways at the Astoria on October 5th, maybe they'll invite you to the wedding.

And finally official friends of Londonist Music, Alfie revisit this fair city of ours ahead of the release of Crying At Teatime at the Scala, King's X, on September 7th.

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