Barbet Spotting

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Barbet Spotting

Londonist was very amused to find this little nugget in yesterday's Media and Business section of the Observer (we can't find it online so we'll just reproduce it here word-for-word):

Anyone wondering why Matt Barbet, a presenter on BBC's local London news, was looking a little sun-kissed this week should know that he spent last weekend at 'The Big Chill', a sort of pared-down rave for middle-aged clubbers. Barbet caused a stir among some female fans (yes, he does have some), one of whom was instructed to leave him be by one of Barnet's entourage. 'Stop staring, it will only go to his head', she was told. Next time, Matt, we suggest you apply some sun cream.

Matt Barbet has groupies now? If you are a 'Barbette' or have crushes on any other London-based news readers please do get in touch.

In the meantime, who is that new weather man BBC London have now? We've only caught him once or twice quite early in the morning, but he's very very enthusiastic (ok, he's as camp as Butlins) and has these weird mannerisms which we can't make up our minds about. Is he a genius weather maverick or just annoying?

Can anyone tell us his name?

Last Updated 15 August 2005