Barbet Mania - It Has Begun

By Rob Last edited 163 months ago
Barbet Mania - It Has Begun

When we posted out news story about BBC London news reader Matt Barbet getting 'mobbed' by grouipes at the Big Chill, we didn't really think there were that many Barbet groupies out there.

Turns out we were wrong.

Consider this email from 'Joanna' which arrived in the Londonist inbox this afternoon:

Oh my God, I looooooooooooooooovvvvvvv

vvvvvvvvvvvvvveeee Matt Barbet so much and can't believe you wrote about him!!! You could have actually written it for me!!!!

My boyfriend and I watch BBC Breakfast every morning and I get sooooo

excited when I see Matt's cheeky, little Monkey-like face doing the London news! My other half thinks I'm a nutter but funnily enough, he's also strangely pleased now when it's Matt and not bloomin' Riz Lateef or Asad Ahmad!

In case you were wondering, there are 17 Os in that elongated 'love' - that's a lot of Barbet love right there.

So, come on you closet Barbettes, let Joanna know she's not alone, email us with your personal tales of Barbet infatuation and we can start a club. Maybe even print some tee shirts.

...In fact, maybe we should try and arrange an interview with the man himself?

Last Updated 16 August 2005