Alert Level Dropped

By Rob Last edited 159 months ago
Alert Level Dropped

Did you know that our alert level had dropped?

Well it has. As of the end of last week we're at 'Severe General' for the first time since July 7 (we were at 'Critical' before).

The reason being that "intelligence sources do not have any specific information relating to imminent repeat attacks."

Not that that's ever stopped them before.

However, the only reason we know about this is becasue the Tories kicked up a bit of a stink about the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre messing with our alert levels behind our backs.

A Home Office spoeksperson has said that "It is Government policy not to comment on threat levels for a wide range of reasons, including security. Advice would be issued if the public needed to take specific action".

By the way, if you want to know how the security scale works, here you go: there are seven threat levels, of which the highest is 'Critical', which means that an attack is expected within two weeks. This is followed by 'Severe defined', 'Severe General', 'Substantial'then 'Moderate'. The lowest level is 'Negligible'.

On 7 July we were at 'Substantial', the lowest we'd been since September 11.

Last Updated 23 August 2005