Record Collection For Sale

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Record Collection For Sale

We recieved an email from a friend recently telling us that Andy Roberts, guitarist for the London band Linus was killed in a hit and run accident a few months back. At this point you're probably pretty quizical: who is this guy, who is this band, why are you telling us this on Londonist? Fair play. Until yesterday we hadn't heard of Andy or Linus either.

So perhaps we should just hand over to the email:

This isn't a mass give-me-sympathy email, but to let you know of a few

things that might interest you, whether or not you knew him: -

Andy had the best & biggest record collection I've ever seen. It was

about the only thing of value he had and so it is being gradually catalogued & put on eBay to raise some cash for his family. It's being updated daily. Go to

and see if you can't find yourselves a few bargains. (If you haven't got a record player anymore, go out and get one now!)

And that really is some collection out there. We've been told it will take months to catalogue and update the thousands of records he owned and whether you're into the Byrds or Black Flag or just about anything in between you'll have the opportunity to pick up some awesome vinyl. In doing so you'll also be helping out Andy's family and the daughter he's left behind.

So check out the band's site, and then check out the auction once in a while, happy in the knowledge that fine music will be going to fine people and that at least something good might come of yet another avoidable tragedy.

Our thoughts go out to Andy's family, friends and band mates.

Last Updated 23 August 2005