Virtual Vet

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Virtual Vet

Why isn't the lion eating? What do you do with a newborn flamingo? What does the x-ray of the panda's belly show?

All questions that everyone, if they're honest, will admit to pondering upon while watching Animal Hospital and dreaming of being a vet at a prestigious international institution such as London Zoo.

And now you can fulfil your all your wildlife first aid fantasies by buying a copy of the sim-style game Zoo vet, which has been officially endorsed by London Zoo themselves.

Apparently the team at London Zoo have "worked through the game and feel it offers a comprehensive and educational way of teaching youngsters about animals" and are therefore reccomending it on the basis that it shows just how "adventurous and exciting" being a zoo vet can be.

Next week: London Zoo admits that its animals do talk and have zany adventures just like the heroes of the fabulous news Dreamworks movie Madagascar.

Last Updated 05 July 2005