TwentyTwelve And SevenSeven: What The Blogosphere Said

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TwentyTwelve And SevenSeven: What The Blogosphere Said

Well. This was meant to be a celebratory photothread yesterday cataloguing London bloggers' reactions to the Olympic decision. (If you don't want to know the result, look away now: we got it.) But, of course, the Britblogosphere barely had time to pop the champagne before more serious news took over.

It's possible that this may come to be a defining moment for British blogs and bloggers, just as the 2004 presidential election was for our American cousins. Certainly, it's not often that this Londonista gets interviewed by Canadian Television. (We'll print/link a transcript if and when we get it.)

With traditional news providers lagging far behind the rapidly changing events - BBC News Online was still reporting a "power surge" when the TV and radio were clear it was bombs and that a bus had been hit - many thousands of people turned to blogs.

So much so that the august Wall Street Journal turned its attention to our humble furrow and povided a thorough and useful compendium of links to blogs and photosites. And the BBC talked about blogs as well, as did the Guardian's own blog.

Similarly, the blogging big dogs turned out in force. BoingBoing compiled its usually thorough and eclectic take on events. Metafilter also has threads about the bombings, all of which have further links (1, 2, 3).

The attack is dominating the Blogdex rankings.

Similarly the Ist Network has pulled together and shown international solidarity - hello New York, hello DC, hello Chicago, howdy Austin, ni how Shanghai, hello Cisco, hello LA, hello Seattle, hello Toronto. Thanks chaps.

It's also worth shouting out to London Metblog, our traditional rival. Thankfully, they're all OK, and have their own take on things.

Thanks also to the UK public (no link available), who put Londonist at Number 2 in the national Britblog rankings for yesterday.

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Diamond Geezer is reflective. And Casino Avenue (not a fan of this blog but that's his perogative) has put up a brilliant post.

Gridskipper has travel updates.

The Plummet Onions is oddly proud of Londoners. Nothing odd about it, mate.

Tom Coates was one of the 50 or so sites to link to our coverage, has more links, and includes to "the world according to LiveJournal", so you can track the moods of the LiveJournalistans. It's worth a fiddle.

Dan Hill's account.

This is from Warren Ellis's mailing list (yes, we know it's not a blog):

I'd remind my foreign readers that, although it's been a while, this sort of thing is not something we're unused to over here. There's not going to be a lot of freaking out from the generations that remember explosives in litterbins and bomb threat drills in office blocks. It was part of the fabric of life for a very long time.

Oh, here we go; footage of Blair being lifted out of Gleneagles by a military chopper.

See, if Paddy Ashdown had become Prime Minister, he'd be in camo gear, carrying a machine gun and clambering into an Apache, proclaiming that he was off to personally hunt down and kill Osama. I think the country really missed an opportunity there.

Shot by Both Sides is being level-headed.

Mad Musings of Me has some great insights.

And a great photo.

What a difference a day makes.

And finally, to insert an unethical, unfair, and generally gratuitous bit of self-promotion, This Isn't London picked the wrong week to make a comeback.

If anyone would like their London, or London-related, blog to go into next week's Blog Roundup, then email Londonist.

London, we're all proud of you.

The image is a cropped version of today's Steve Bell cartoon.

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