TV Troll: Point And Laugh At The Weirdoes

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TV Troll: Point And Laugh At The Weirdoes

At the same time that Channel 4 are trailering The House Of Obsessive Compulsives (Mon 9.00 C4), ITV announce that they will show a "one-off documentary" about a group of teenagers with Tourette's Syndrome who go away to a camp for teenage Tourette's sufferers. C4 go big on the educational/rehabilitational aspect of their OCD project, possibly to deflect accusations of voyeurism:

Over the past 20 years, all three have tried medication, assorted therapies and even contemplated brain surgery in order to rid themselves of their OCD. But Wendy, Gerard and Sophie's last ditch attempt to overcome the debilitating effects of their illness proves more intense and surprising than anyone, including their doctors, could ever have imagined.

... as do ITV:

The show will chart the experiences of the five teenagers as they explore their condition giving viewers a unique insight into how Tourette's Syndrome effects [sic] their daily lives, and why this fascinating syndrome is often misunderstood.

So far, so PC. Yet Londonist shares the reservations of Alex Heminsley in the Guardian when she reminds us that "[House Of Obsessive Compulsives] is, however, brought to us by Monkey, the production company best known for such post-pub classics as Born Sloppy and X Rated: The Top 20 Most Controversial TV Moments." A natural choice for a programme about a much-misunderstood mental disorder! Or not. What do you think?

Last Updated 28 July 2005