The Magic Numbers In The Park

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The Magic Numbers In The Park

The Magic Numbers are to play Cecil Sharp House, home of the English Folk Dance & Song Society on 5th August. Capacity is very limited and you're not likely to be able to see The Magic Numbers in venues like this for a while, so get in there quick. The Numbers' album was a little too polished and over-produced for us, but we absolutely love the live version of them. If you're one of those who bought the album but wondered why there was so much fuss, you really do need to get along to a gig to experience the true Numbers.

Tickets are available via Seetickets, priced at £12.50 each, inclusive of booking fee, but not including the £1.75 for postage on each order.

Many thanks to Pollo for the tip.

Situation at 3.38pm: See Tickets seems to be having a mare and the site is up and down like a whore's drawers (we know because we're trying to buy tickets). Helpfully they give you a phone number to call... which tells you that they're too busy and that you should book online. This is what you're paying your booking fee for, people...

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hey, I agree : just saw them in Paris, a couple of nights ago, and they were brilliant, really.
I'm a member of Parisist, and I'll post a review soon (I guess). (all my thoughts are with you, and may the Fox guy drink boiling water)


Good to see our Parisian colleagues here. It's not a common view in this country, by any means, but I love France, especially Paris and would have been equally happy (ok, maybe a little bit less happy) to see the Olympics go to you guys. And for rather more positive reasons than our special friend in the US!


I think most people I know in London actually do like the French. And I think any ill-feeling that does exist towards them is more to do with resentment than anything else.

I think it's a bit of a myth that the French don't like the English. Understandably, they frown on the food and the weather, but generally speaking they don't have a problem with British people themselves.