Straight to Video Terrorists: Update

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Straight to Video Terrorists: Update

So everyone is safe, but four idiots are on the run after yesterday's low rent sequel to the July 7th incident. Here's how events seemed to unfold yesterday:

1225: Shepherd's Bush Underground station on the Hammersmith and City line was evacuated after a man flees following a probable failed attempt to bomb a train (full details).

1230: Ambulance services are called to the Oval Underground station on the Northern Line after reports of a bang and some smoke. The station is evacuated. Reports later describe a man trying to use a handgun to detonate explosives in a backpack. When that failed he fled, bystanders tackled him but he got away (full details).

1245: Ambulance services are called to the Warren Street station on the Northern and Victoria lines after passengers hear a bang towards the front of the train. The station is evacuated. Sketchy reports come in of a man leaving something behind on the train only for other passengers to call him back until they realise that it could be a bomb. Armed police enter University College Hospital after a man is seen running there, but this proves to be the first of many false leads. Two people arrested close to Warren Street are released later as is a third person near Tottenham Court Road. One person is reported injured at Warren St (full details).

1330: Police respond to reports of an explosion on a Number 26 bus in Bethnal Green, east London. Windows on the bus are reportedly blown out, but again there are no injuries (full details).

The pattern compared to the bombings on the 7th is obvious, but it's still unclear as to why all four bombs failed or if they were intended to explode at all. There is speculation that this may have simply been a copycat attack or an attempt to simply cause panic but at least one bomber's apparent dismay at his smoking backpack perhaps points to the fact that the men carrying the bombs expected the devices inside to be real.

The BBC reports that experts are excited to have the devices mostly intact for study:

Former government intelligence analyst Crispin Black said the chance to examine the bombs themselves was "forensic bingo", saying: "This is as good as it gets."

Given how quickly the identities of the dead bombers were worked out we're hoping that recognising and tracking down four very alive morons via CCTV will be relatively easy.

Rather than the panic expected it seems that those caught up in the same carriages yesterday were actually concerned for those responsible:

"There was a man lying on the ground with his arms outstretched in a Jesus Christ position, lying on top of a medium-sized black and green rucksack... I went up to him and said 'are you alright, mate', but he just ignored me and kept his eyes shut."

Londoners really are something else.

Ken gets the last word:

"Those people whose memories stretch back to the '70, '80s and '90s will remember there were horrifying bombing campaigns in London... We got through that and we'll get through this."

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