Sod Madonna, Busking Is Where It's At

By Rob Last edited 162 months ago
Sod Madonna, Busking Is Where It's At

One news item we sadly didn't catch early enough today was this release from Transport for London regarding Busk8.

If you were around Canary Wharf station today between 10 and 12 you may have seen the mini-festival attended by the likes of "dynamic busking duo" Sally and Johnny who played in order to donate all the proceeds to the Make Poverty History campaign.

A great idea we think you'll agree, but what's really ineresting are the various 'busker facts' TfL have decided to include in their press relase.

For instance:

63 per cent [of the Underground's 289 licensed buskers] are guitarists, 6 per cent violinists, 13 per cent saxophonists, 4 per cent play flutes, 2 per cent harmonicas, 1 per cent accordions, 2 per cent keyboards and 1 per cent the didgeridoo.

Does anyone know who the digideroo players are and where they play, because we'd love to know.

Other instruments played on the Tube include the banjo, double bass, French horn, harp, tin whistle, bagpipes "and there is even a human beatbox".

Since the law legaling buskers in 2001 at least three buskers have been spotted by top record companies, while others have been invited to play before the Queen, the Finnish royal family and the ambassador of Taiwan; and a couple have been asked to audition for "various West End musicals including Cabaret".

So if you're on you way home tonight and come across a busker why not take the time to stop and listen...unless he or she is playing Streets of London of course, then you should leave as quickly as possible (unlesss they're playing it on the digideridoo, in which case it's allowed).

Last Updated 01 July 2005