Mid Week Music News

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Mid Week Music News

Wa hey! Babybumbles are touring. Oh, no they're not. It would seem that like most of us, Pete D hates his day job and is pulling the mother of all sickies. I don't want to go to the studiooooooohhhhhhh (stomps feet). Our money's on Pete having been caught admiring his own reflection in the mirror causing Kate to be so annoyed she dropped her soya infused rice crackers on the floor, and he's now banished to the cellar with only his pipe and slippers for company until she cools off.

Take heart then from the oldies as Bob Dylan, who's quite possibly older than God, adds two, that's TWO (now totalling FIVE) more nights at Brixton. Tickets for the 23rd and 24th November are on sale. Now. The Stones look like they'll have their new album out before Babygrumbles. Christ, the Floyd will probably have recorded again. Even the Pixies have got their act together.

Londonist Music will continue to follow the rise and fall of clean Pete as he gradually disappears up his own arse, and may or may not continue to look for increasingly more surreal ways to refer to Babyfimbles. Any suggestions greatfully accepted, we may even send you a prize (can we have a new prize please Mr Editor sir?)

Right, time for some


Mercury Prize nominees Kaiser Chiefs (as in there's no The in Kaiser Chiefs), top, and Maximo Park (that's Maxeemo Park pop pronunciation people), middle, join The Cribs (still not talking to us after just missing out on the album of the week), bottom of the bill, for the 02 NME Rock'n'Roll Riot Tour; the most fun you can have with a T-Mobile camera phone. Tickets are on sale from Friday and it's probably going to be pretty damn good. We caught both Kaisers and da' Park at Glastonbury this year and they provided as much high kicking pop action as a Moulin Rouge chorus line high on the first Robbie Williams album. Brixton should steel itself for an onslaught of ties on the 25th October.

If ever there was a reason to have joined the Iron Maiden fanclub it was so you could have got your hands on advanced tickets for their fundraising show (their old drummer, Clive Burr suffers from MS) at Hammersmith on the 2nd September. Any tickets left (yeah right...) will go on sale to the general public from the 1st August. Maiden at Hammmersmith! Is it Christmas already? Anyone convinced that this won't be a stellar performance from one of England's greatest ever rock bands will be spit roast (medieval style) in the Londonist music dungeons whilst being forced to listen to Venom albums played at 45rpm.

And lastly, because you know we love you really, it's a return trip to Hammersmith on the 29th November to catch the elegantly potty Rufus Wainright. There are no plaudits left for this scion of Loudon as they've already all been used by the rest of the world's press. So all we can say is that our mate Smudge loves him and that's good enough for us so it should be good enough for you.

Now when does the babyshingles song come out again?

Last Updated 20 July 2005