Mid Week Music News

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Mid Week Music News

As you may have noticed, we in the Londonist Music dungeon like to bring new bands to your attention. Obviously we do this in the hope that should they become big and famous they'll remember us and shower us with drugs, cash and groupies. Unless Ken's missus is reading this in which case that last bit doesn't apply to Ken. But until such time as we're invited to bowl-of-coke-carrying-dwarf-orgies and can leave the blog life behind then we're going to carry on saying nice things about the people we like. And luckily a few of them are playing over the next few weeks. (Note: if you're in a band and would like to become one of the people we like then please follow the jump, scroll down to the bottom, reaad the bit about how to get into Londonist and don't forget the cash.)

First off are recent recipients of a unique Londonist single of the week award and interview, The Eighteenth Day Of May who will be playing the Monk Club's Bastille Festival Day in the gardens of Tide Tables Cafe, just to the left and under Richmond Bridge. Expect much dancing and at least one Londonista to be passed out before dinner time. The band should be on around 8.30, the event starts at 5. So that's outside, by the river and it's FREE.

The next three bands you can expect to see more of from us over the coming weeks. So in chronological order we have:

The oddly monickered Donderag, and they WILL tell us where that came from, play at the Bed Bar in Bank (10 Basinghall Street, EC2). Tonight you can revel in the glorious days of the mid nineties with their Blur/Elastica/Smashing Pumpkins (we kid you not) pop ditties.

Some soul inflected grungeness from Kaibosh will be available for those who prefer a little straight up rock action at the Pleasure Unit in Bethnall Green on the 20th before heading off to Oxford's Truck festival this weekend.

And finally A Northern Soul blues rockers The Delta Blues will be supporting Creel Commission at The Barfly Friday 22nd. And if they don't play East Of LA they're off the Christmas Card list.

We like the Health And Happiness guys because they sneakily snuck a CBGBs reference into their mantra, even though we never noticed it. We've covered 'em before and we'll do it again until you can all prove you've been at least once. So all together now (we love this bit):

If the good Lord's willin' and the creeks don't rise, we'll be sure to see you on Tuesday July 19 for another shot of HEALTH & HAPPINESS, the recommended monthly intake of country, bluegrass, blues and other music for uplifting gourmandizers.

Next Tuesday (19th), as well as playing some great records, they'll be joined by two very special live acts... Absentee, east London's answer to My Morning Jacket and friends of The Magic Numbers, and Dusty Sound System, aka Robin from Goldrush's super side-project concocted during a lost weekend in LA with members of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Warlocks. Oh, yeah. It's all FREE!

Health & Hapiness is as ever at The Social, Little Portland Street, 7 till 12.

Elsewhere the support slots for the Grolsch Summer Set at Somerset House (Summer Set, Somerset geddit??? Oh you do, ok) in August have been announced. Regular followers of Londonist Music - we do have some don't we? - will recognise a few favourite names in there. Our tip - the LAST ONE!

El Presidente support Starsailor (Aug 2)

Morning Runner support Athlete (3)

Son Of Dave support Supergrass (4)

Nine Black Alps support Idlewild (5)

Adam Freeland support The Prodigy (6)

The Duke Spirit support The Tears (7)

And finally there's the touching tale that the Guilfest Organisers are hoping to break the world record for the largest number of people playing air guitar at once. They've obviously never been in the Londonist Office when the boss is out.

And now for the newbies bit:

If you're a band looking to get coverage in Londonist, get in touch with the music team, after reading these handy tips on How To Get Into Londonist's Music Posts.

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