Macca Slums It On The Tube

By Rob Last edited 160 months ago
Macca Slums It On The Tube

So apparently Paul McCartney was out and about busking in Leicester Square tube the other day.

According to reports Macca "donned a fake beard and dark glasses and took his guitar to central London" where he spent the day strumming his guitar in aid of "a film thing".

"I scruffed myself up a bit, put on a false beard and shades, and went down to Leicester Square tube station It was really cool." said McCartney in that annoying 'your dad trying to be down with the kids' tone he seems to have adopted in recent years.

Amazingly Macca claims that he wasn't identified by the hoardes as they passed through the station, although "A couple of people came up and said, 'Is it you?' but I just said, 'Oh, no'."

McCartney claime that he made "a few shillings" during his stint at the staion but felt bad about keeping the money and so gave it to charity.

Last Updated 06 July 2005