It's Ours

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It's Ours

"Napoleon, Francois Mitterand, Charles de Gaulle, Eric Cantona, Serge Gainsbourg, Gustave Eiffel, Johnny Halliday!!! Jacques Chirac. Can you hear me Jacques Chirac? Your boys took one hell of a beating. Your boys took one hell of a beating."

We've WON !!!! Seb Coe, Sir David of Beckham, Tony, Cherie and some grinning basketball-playing young scamps from East London have pulled off the biggest sporting come-back since....since....well, since Liverpool beat Milan a few weeks ago. Londonist is overjoyed, as is this chap, but these lot will probably be a little non-plussed (although if taunted, they would probably shrug and adopt a 'i never cared anyway mate' stance).

Debate, conjecture, disruption, increased tax bills and negative Evening Standard reports are all just round the corner, but for now, who cares? Let's have a party.

Last Updated 06 July 2005

Robert John Kaper

Congratulations! I wish I could be at Trafalguar Square right now to celebrate. Just as the news was announced the sun broke through here in Holland.. such a wonderful feeling!

We did it! See you in 2012! (and in two weeks, life goes on)


We Yanks are licking our wounds, though we expected this outcome.


Oops - have we upset Parisist? My gcse french isn't up to a translation.

Jen - comiserations.


Fantastic news! I for one can think of nothing better to help reduce crime and increase standards of living in what is arguably one of the most deprived areas of the UK than a veledrome.

I've even got a slogan:

You can stick ya crack, I'm off to the track...

Dominique W

No offense taken ! You had by far the most beautiful 3D renditions from the 5 cities ...

Since we're french, we will just move on and pretend we didn't want them anyway ... And then go back drinking wine and café !


Dominique, we just hope that in 7 years time we're not wishing that Paris had won after all....


Eh, at least we still on Man United.

The Yanks.


Londonist Eyewitness report from Trafalgar Square in about 90 mins, with pictures and audio.


Parisist was very graceful in defeat, as far as my A Level Francais could make out.

I'm surprised but pleased we won. If it makes it cheaper to spend the summer in Paris in 2012 it'd be a nice bonus.


And people were this excited at the beginning of 'To Serve Man' until they found out it was a bloody cook book.


Some of us in New York are equally thrilled that London won. "Won" is a vague concept in this case...So, enjoy, or as we say over here, knock yourselves out.


A requiem for the Stratford Marsh

As a person who does a lot of photography in the area which will soon metamorphise into Olympic city, I have mixed emotions about this.

I can already feel the buzz of achievement in the London air, a positive feeling not often felt these days of smug negativity. Certainly there are going to be massive advantages to the economy, London will get oodles of money for infrastructure improvement, etc. Those of us who have, will certainly have more as a result. The poor sods who live in the area aren't going to benefit, they'll just be shifted to the next marginal area.

May I suggest to you all some nice day this summer to go to the Stratford Marsh area and have a walk around. Take the DLR to Pudding Mill Lane. Don't wear your designer trainers from Selfridges and leave your iPod at home. Walk up the Pudding Mill Lane towards Carpenter Road and Hackney Wick, walk along the river Lea as it is now, walk the Greenway and look out over the city. This area of London is unique, slightly wild and overgrown, derelict and somewhat dangerous.

What I like about it is that in world of identical All Bar One's on every street corner in London where danger lies in looking at someone crosseyed at pub closing time, the Stratford Marsh has a character which is real and genuinely its own. Enjoy the hand scrawled signs with misspelled words, the multilayered rubbish revealing what happens at the other end of our disposable consumer society. Walk along the Lea down to the Thames with its sometimes overgrown towpath and wildflowers, its magical.

But soon the big London construction firms will be homoginising it, cutting away the wildness and taming it with 10 foot tall sticks of sapling trees, manicured grass layed down in uniform strips, install miles of concrete for parking. Well, if you want to know what its going to look like 3 months after the 2012 olympics have come and gone, go and take a walk around the Millenium Dome.

It is nice for Britain to have finally come out on top on something, and I like the positive buzz in the air. But I also have some sadness, because we're losing another little chunk of something unique...


Well done Ken LIVINGSTONE For winning the olympiocs, it was agreat triumph, by you and other republicans like bob geldoff. By the way I am happy, but am not unhappy for Franxce, Especially francois mitterand, France is a better country than Britain in many ways, and it had teh great francois mitterna,d a great person if there ever was, for instance once, in 1986, a scumbag famous amaerican comedian made a jopke, about hiv and someone dieing from it, the evil ronal regana laughed, but mitterand stood, amazed, somebody could be so insensitive about this murderous disease, well done mitterand, he and ken make me proud to be a socialist, if onlyb france still had a socialist president