"I Can See My House From Here"

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"I Can See My House From Here"

You would have thought that today it would be hard to find any interesting news stories that aren't about the 2012 Olympic bid, and then along comes this story about a 15-year-old girl sleepwalking to the top of a 130ft crane.

Ok, so this actually happened a couple weeks ago, but the events have only just been revealed by police...plus it's a cracking story.

Apparently police were called to the crane in south east London at 1:30 in the morning after someone spotted the girl on the arm and feared she was going to throw herself off.

They quickly realised though that the girl was "curled up asleep on top of a concrete counterweight".

Unable to just wake her up in case she panicked and fell off firefighters instead found her mobile and called her parents (now there's a phone call you don't want to get: "Hi, this is the fire service, we've got your daughter at the top of a 130ft high crane and we need you to phone her and wake her up").

Once the girl had been roused she was lowered to the ground by hydraulic lift and taken to hospital but was found to have "no ill effects".

(Image taken from the Flickr account of flash.pro.)

Last Updated 06 July 2005