Capital Stink?

By Megan Last edited 160 months ago
Capital Stink?

My feet stink. It’s really bad. I had to throw away my shoes but it came back. My friend says London does this to your feet and I agree because his feet stink too and neither of us had this problem before we moved here after university. I think this is something your readers should be aware of. –Stinky Pete

You may have a point that London is bad for your feet. Living here you work more, commute longer, and stay out later than pretty much everybody elsewhere. What this means for your poor pedal pushers is that they spend too much time captive to their harsh masters, shoe and sock.

Your feet have more sweat glands per square inch than anywhere else in your body, and (since you asked) sweat about 1/2 pint a day. Perhaps more in your case. But seriously mate, nobody likes the smelly guy. We don’t think manky feet are a London epidemic. Take some action. Foot experts sensibly recommend wearing clean cotton socks and alternating your shoes each day to allow them to dry fully between uses. One friend of ours who successfully battled and defeated a catastrophic foot stink goes so far as to change his shoes and socks halfway through the day, especially on long days when he’s going out after work. It may sound drastic, he agrees, but for him it is the only reliable way “to reduce the buildup of pong.” (It also has the added benefit of soothing a tired back —a trick relied upon by Hollywood directors.) So buy yourself some more socks. We thought you would have learned at university to own enough to avoid doing the wash for a full month. You may also want to get some odor-fighting insoles or foot spray, which could help a little.

Or, taking a sillier route, you might like the showpiece item refreshoe. We can’t tell you if it actually works, but it will certainly deflect attention from malodourous self.

Last Updated 13 July 2005