Bus Safety In SW London

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Bus Safety In SW London

Londonist was concerned to learn that two bus drivers working for Centra buses were suspended without pay on Wednesday of this week. The reason? For refusing to take buses out without working radios.

For those of you who don't know, bus radios connect to Centrecom where information about what's happening on the public transport system is fed back to the drivers. Information such as diversions, traffic problems, problems with other transport systems that might lead to an influx of passengers on to the buses etc. Information like explosions on the underground or indeed on buses themselves.

You might like to consider it as an essential aspect of driver and passenger safety.

Yesterday Centra drivers were apparently told that buses would have to have working radios. But only after 8pm. Which as you can imagine made them extremely happy, especially as the number of alerts, scares and concerns for a repeat attack grow with each day.

Centra, who operate a number of services around South and South West London (Croydon, Richmond, Tooting, Kingston, Purley and Mitcham, including routes 127, 152, 200 201, 493 and K5 – services formerly run by Mitcham Belle), have already come under fire for breaches of safety

whilst breaking strikes over pay and conditions.

Centra are owned by the American firm Central Parking Systems

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Yusuf Smith

I use the 152 quite frequently, living at the west end of it in New Malden. I'm not surprised given the general low quality of drivers on many routes including the 131 (London United). I once heard someone describe the experience of riding the 57 west of Raynes Park as a "white knuckle ride", but the 131 down Worple Road SW19/20 is not much better. They drive too fast along a bumpy road.

What was it that led to the collapse of Mitcham Belle, anyway? I never heard anyone announce it or say that the company was in trouble. I only found out when I saw the MB logos disappear, and asked a driver.


As far as I know they just when bust and sold up. It was pretty sudden though.


As far as I know they just went bust and sold up. It was pretty sudden though.