Woman Falls Over

By Rob Last edited 163 months ago
Woman Falls Over

We're not saying today is a slow news day or anything... but there are currently 218 stories on Google news telling the story of how Nancy Reagan fell over in the Ritz hotel yesterday.

Apparently "the octogenarian former First Lady" (as the Standard so poeticially put it) was taken to hospital yesterday after going for a burton in her hotel room, but was released after a full examination.

A spokeswoman confirmed that Mrs Reagan was walking, "but she's walking slower than normal."

Although Nancy currently holds no official position for the US Government she was accompanied by Secret Service agents during her trip to London, which raises the obvious question: was this an Al Qaeda plot to nobble the ex-First Lady?

Has terrorism found a new weapon in shin-high coffee tables and newly-mopped shiny floors? The public need to be told.

Last Updated 17 June 2005