Wash Before you Squash

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Wash Before you Squash
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Sweaty people, on the Tube, in the rush hour. Or, as Dickens might have put it, 'the noisome reekings of a harried banker’s malodorous pits, pressing inescapably against the recoiling countenance of his neighbour'. However you describe it, smelly people should be barred from using the Tube. Today, the Managing Director of LU, Tim O'Toole, weighed in on the matter by urging commuters to take a shower before using his network.

"I want to assure people that I only travel by the Tube and I always take a shower, but other than that I would certainly hope that during these summer months when it is very, very, warm and we are pressed very close together that to the extent people can practise personal hygiene it would help us."

This sage advice was proffered today on LBC 97.3 FM, in response to its Considerate Commuters campaign. The theory being that if everyone showered, the Tube would be a much more pleasant place during the cramped rush-hour conditions.

Well, thanks Tim. We await with baited breath your musings on other complicated hygiene issues. Should we clean our teeth before gnashing them in anger at another signal failure? "Smelly people should use the buses," he didn’t go on to say.

Last Updated 14 June 2005