Storm In A Teacup?

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Storm In A Teacup?

After a week spent sweltering in offices, Londoners could be forgiven for looking forward to another weekend in the park. (Or enjoying a rejuvenating mudpack at Glasto - poor old Rob. Our sympathies go out to him in a very profound manner, especially since he wasn't smug at all about buggering off the weekend and leaving us holding the fort.)

However, it now seems that this will not be the case. According to press reports, the storms that pummeled the South-west earlier (spectacular pics here) are about to go nationwide. And if we're to believe the more sensational elements of the fourth estate, it's going to be apocalyptic:

PA WeatherCentre assistant manager Paul Knightly said: "They could bring torrential downpours leading to flash flooding, severe thunderstorms, hailstones up to the size of golf balls, wind gusts up to 65mph and possibly isolated tornadoes".

Or is it? In a careful reading of the reports, London is conspicuous by its absence. The Guardian can only bring itself to say that "parts of the South" will be affected. And the BBC's own forecast for London simply says it's going to be overcast - no lightshows or anything.

But, for those who haven't enjoyed the heat, there will be sweet relief - temperature are gong to drop to a much more pleasant 22 degrees celsius.

On the storm front, we await being proved spectacularly wrong - but at least we're not alone.

Update at 6.10pm: Dark skies, steady rain and now the first thunder and lightning. It seems we're not goin to escape.

Last Updated 24 June 2005