Posh Picnic In The Park

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Posh Picnic In The Park

Summer is once again threatening to make an appearance, so what better way to guarantee rain at the weekend than putting on an event that involves food in a wide open space? This weekend, Mansun fans and foodies will be making their way to Regent's Park for Taste of London, an event in which "40 of London's most prestigious restaurants come together in Regent's Park to prepare and serve a stunning selection of signature dishes over a four day celebration."

If, like Londonist, your meagre earnings plus increasingly ridiculous workload means all you can afford for lunch is a bargain Boots £2.39 meal deal, eaten whilst dropping unhygienic crumbs all over the keyboard, then it's probably best if you don't look at the menus on offer. We're so exploited here at Londonist that all we can do is dream about dinner, let alone buy it, but we've learnt the art of putting ourselves into a trance so that our bodies believe that the plasticene models we've made are actually food. Here's what we will be pretending to eat tonight (restaurants responsible in brackets):

Coriander scented tuna tartar (Allium)
  • Schezuan Belly of Crusted Pork, Borlotti Bean Salad (Bank)
  • Bisque de Homard Parfumée au Cognac (Le Gavroche)
  • Uttapam (Vegetarian or seafood) Fluffy rice and Lentil pancake with a topping of your choice, Served with minty coconut chutney (Mela)
  • Apart from sampling great food, you also get a chance to attend demos by the chefs. This evening, for instance, you can will the rain gods to flatten Gary Rhodes' still-faintly-stupid hairdo, as he presents at 6pm. The full timetable can be seen here.

    There is, of course, a price to pay to watch these restaurants and chefs marketing themselves and it's a fairly hefty one. £45 gets you a VIP Pass for a single session, £30 gets you a Premium Pass, and £15 gets you a Plebs Standard Pass. That said, the two more expensive passes do include £18 worth of vouchers to spend on food at the event. So, and we say this specifically to annoy our American-hating readers, you do the math. Full details of tickets and sessions are published here.

    Last Updated 17 June 2005