Pants To Poverty

By Rob Last edited 165 months ago
Pants To Poverty

Superman had it all wrong: you don't need x-ray vision and the ability to fly in order to save the world. All it takes these days is a wristband and a pair of pants.

This weekend, as the Live 8 concert kicks off in Hyde Park a small group of businessmen will wander through central London looking for people dressed as superheroes.

No, they're not a vigilante group intent on destroying Fathers4Justice, they're simply a bunch of south London businessmen who didn't get tickets to the concert and "wanted to come up with a fun way of backing the campaign".

That "fun way" is to persuade people to put their pants on outside their trousers in order to end poverty.

The group will be taking pictures of anyone they can find who is willing to say "Pants to Poverty" and then posting those images on a website to "help get the anti-poverty message across".

We're not exactly sure how pictures of people looking like morons will actually compel the British public to fight for an end to world poverty...but it's all in a good cause right?

What we really want to know is do we have to stop at putting our pants on outside our trousers or can we go the whole hog and dress as Batroc the Leaper or Howard the Duck?

Last Updated 29 June 2005