And I Would Moonwalk 500 Miles...

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And I Would Moonwalk 500 Miles...

Another park, another event. This time it's Hyde Park, playing host to the start and finish of Moonwalk 2005 tomorrow night. No, it's not everyone's favourite non-kiddy-fiddling-freak-show's new hideaway, it's an event in which 15,000 women and men walk 26.2 miles (that's a Snickers to you) around Hyde Park in their bras (and not necessarily much else on top), all in aid of a very good cause.

Firstly, they do their bit for the anti-drugs campaign by making the people coming out of the clubs on Saturday night/Sunday morning question the wisdom of taking that last pill. Secondly, and more officially, these women will be raising money on behalf of Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Bristol Cancer Help Centre.

The route goes as far east as Tower Hill, taking in a lot of the Embankment on both sides of the river, so you have plenty of opportunity to show your support and help the fundraisers, as you stagger out of the pub/club. Walk The Walk accept donations by post (details here) or else you can sponsor one of the groups who are actually taking part tomorrow. Of course, many groups are worthy of sponsorship, but only one bothered to ask us to mention them so here's a link to their online donation page.

To take part more directly in breast cancer research, take a look at the Breakthrough Generations Study.

Last Updated 17 June 2005