Midweek Music News

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Midweek Music News

When the iPod Shuffle was first announced by Apple, we were a little sceptical, to say the least. "Who on earth would want to upload a random selection of songs to something that doesn't even have an LCD screen, and then play that random selection in a random order?" we thought. Then we bought one. And, oh, what joy it brought us, as long-forgotten songs in the iTunes collection were exhumed for our aural pleasure. We nearly walked into a lamppost, such was the reverie induced by hearing classics like A Good Idea and If I Can't Change Your Mind, both from 1992's excellent Copper Blue by Sugar.

We suspect there's witchcraft involved with our iPod Shuffle, though, as not long after the welcome reminder of Londonist's youth, news came through of a new album and one-off London show by Bob Mould. The album's called Body of Song, and will be released on 25th July. The show will be at the Mean Fiddler on 6th September and, according to Drowned in Sound, will feature performances of Mr Mould's work through all his various guises.

Incidentally, Bob blogs, at the tersely-named Boblog. Unlike a lot of musician's blogs, this one is updated regularly and appears not to be ghost-written. Boblog contains some interesting thoughts and facts on the upcoming album, especially concerning the leaking of the album, so it's well worth heading over there for a gawp.

The Colonies - 10th June 2005

Onto the more immediate future and the exciting news from Londonist favourites The Colonies is that their album is nearly ready for release. We are genuinely looking forward to it, especially after hearing some of the new songs when we saw the band at the Spread Eagle last month. To fill in that gap before the album's released, you would do well to catch The Colonies this Friday 10th June. They proved such a hit at the Spread Eagle, they'll be there again. The Spread Eagle is opposite Herbal on Kingsland Road, Shoreditch (nearest tubes: Old Street and Liverpool Street). Entry is £2. Clicking the image to the left should open up a more legible version, by the by.

More East London shenanigans takes place at The Spitz, on Sunday 12th June. David Grubbs is headlining, and Tuning support but, to be honest, we don't know an awful lot about them. We do know The Eighteenth Day of May are rather good, though, and they're also playing. Looks like they'll be on first though, so make sure you're there early doors. Tickets are £7, available in advance from Ticketweb.

If, like most of Londonist's staff, you're getting married soon, you'll no doubt be counting the pennies. Tip: don't mention the word 'wedding' if you are booking anything, as the price immediately doubles if you do so. Mind you, double of nothing is still nothing, and nothing is what you will pay if you decide to see The Eighteenth Day of May on Tuesday 21st June at The Social (Little Portland Street) instead. EDOM will be celebrating the release of their first single so the evening will be full of joy and happiness, and have a generally good vibe.

Once we got past the rather unflattering remarks about The Magic Numbers in the Track & Field Organisation's e-mail, we realised that it was worth reminding you that The Broken Family Band, supported by Currituck Co., will be playing at Cargo, next Tuesday 14th June. The first few punters through the door will get a free CD by The Broken Family Band. Tickets are on sale via Ticketweb, this time at £8.

If modern folk/country ain't your thang and you'd prefer to see some good electronic pop on Tuesday, The Hoosier Complex are playing Nambucca (596 Holloway Road). Can't be arsed with going up to Nambucca? Well, luckily for you, the band are also playing 93 Feet East on 30th June. Back from a spell in Switzerland (we haven't ascertained why they went there just yet), the band have been hard at work in the studio. You can get a taste for the tracks they've recorded at their website.

This column is not sponsored by Apple or Ticketweb, despite the numerous iPod Shuffle or Ticketweb mentions, although if either are reading, we'll happily entertain offers!

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