Londonist Music Dungeon's New Addition

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Londonist Music Dungeon's New Addition

You may have noticed a couple of posts going up last week written by a rather mysterious contributor known as " ". It gives us great pleasure finally to unveil the person responsible: new boy and latest prisoner in the Londonist Music Dungeon, Greg.

Greg will be covering classical music for us, as we look to expand our evil empire and take over the universe coverage of music.

We're not resting on our laurels and we're acutely aware that we still have a few blind spots. So, we get to wheel out that picture of Kitchener once again, and add to the recruitment drive we launched at the beginning of the month. We in the Londonist Music Dungeon are looking for someone who can cover dance music. That category is as broad or as narrow as you like, but do let us know what you could cover. If you're interested e-mail us at with a subject of 'Recruitment Drive' for more details.

More details of the newest of the new boys after the jump.

Londonist's Classical Music Bloke, Greg was born on an American military installation in Japan. When he was 13, he went through a phase during which he listened to Wozzeck over and over again, in his room alone, late at night. A few years after that, he lost his virginity during a Metropolitan Opera radio broadcast of Aida. Greg has had little sympathy for those who go to the opera house or the concert hall for the purposes of spiritual uplift or communion with ossified High Culture.

Greg moved to London in order to read books about dead opera singers. (He gets paid to do this. Really.) He lives in Wood Green. When not writing for Londonist, you can find him in the "Rare Books and Music" room of the British Library — he's the one in the corner choking back tears while reading about Jenny Lind's vocal crisis.

Last Updated 27 June 2005