London 2012: It's All To Play For

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London 2012: It's All To Play For

With exactly one month to go until the Internal Olympic Committee makes its decision as to which city is to host the 2012 games, it looks like London's chances are improving all the time. Yesterday's Observer devoted an above-the-fold front page slot to a story stating that London had addressed most of its serious problems and was closing the gap with the favourite, Paris, fast.

Insiders say the long-awaited report from the IOC's evaluation commission will confirm that London would hold a well-run Games.

It will praise the capital for having made major progress in improving three areas previously identified as weaknesses: the city's transport system, and the level of public and political support for the 2012 campaign.

'It's going to show that there's little now to choose between London and Paris,' said one informed Olympic source. 'London is going to have a good report. The members of the evaluation commission will say that while Paris still gets top marks, London has addressed problem areas.'

This morning's Guardian has a similar report, stating that the inspectors singled out Lord Coe, the bid leader for praise. Coe is now on tour with Tessa "supercasinsos" Jowell to ginger up support:

Lord Coe, London's bid leader, and the culture secretary, Tessa Jowell, are now concentrating their efforts on an exhausting travel schedule in an effort to woo voters.

They are convinced they can persuade enough to vote for the Olympics to return to Britain for the first time since 1948.

But the bookmakers remain less confident. They still have Paris as the 1-5 favourite with London second favourite at 7-2. "All the money has been for Paris in the last month," said Warren Lush, a spokesman for Ladbrokes. "London rallied earlier in the year but Paris is now the shortest odds it has ever been."

Warren Lush - what a great name. Straight out of Martin Amis.

So most of the hurdles and water hazards have been cleared, they're into the home stretch, there's only the keeper to beat and it may be game, and and match in the final innings. Or whatever. But the omens are looking better than they have done at any other time.

Fingers crossed.

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Really? I haven't noticed any new tube lines being opened recently. Can the IOC direct me to their location?


So they say. I suppose they have got 7 years to prepare, and I think Crossrail is the big project that's been given the go-ahead; Stratford is already fairly well served for Tube lines and they're talking about using longer trains and deploying more services on the Jubilee Line and, I think, the mainline services from Liverpool street and acros north London. Which wouldn't require any new infrastructure.

And there's the Channel Tunnel Link, which will be finished by then, and I think they'll use that to run high-speed services from St Pancras.

So there's a lot of scope to expand capacity on the existing system.



*continues disbelieving*

Oooh. A whole extra carriage! That'll will make it almost bearable during normal times. Plenty of room for another 100,000 people now then!

And Crossrail will be completed on time. After all, it only took 9 years to complete the jubilee line (ontime and budget, of course!) and that was a much smaller project. 2012 is, oh, just 7 years away.

And if there's all this extra capacity just waiting to be used on the main line railways, why is every single train so hideously overcrowded?

It'll be a disaster I tell ya!

*mutter mutter*

*sits on park bench*


Hey guys wake up and smell the coffee. Have none of you noticed that not one person outside England seriously thinks London stands a chance of winning this bid? It's Paris by a mile. They have run a very professional bid which started 4 years ahead of their rivals when they ran a respectible race for 2008. London is just not there yet, and doesn't have the support required to win.

Get off that delusional bandwagon, quick!


But it's so nice and compfy on the delusional bandwagon. It probably will be Paris, but that doesn't me we can't cross our fingers and hope for an upset.

But London does have 70% national support, and that's not to be sniffed at. And there's always 2016.