Competition: Herbaliser Take London (But Give Something Back)

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Competition: Herbaliser Take London (But Give Something Back)

Being of an easily-pleased mien, we love our tenuous London connections here at Londonist. It gave us unbecoming pleasure, therefore, to find out that Herbaliser's latest album is called Take London.

Herbaliser now look to prove they have trousers to go with their mouth by sending their 9-piece army to the Forum on Saturday 11th. "They're taking back everything which is rightly theirs", apparently, although they'll have to fight Londonista Will for it. The gig promises cuts from Take London, plus the greats from a five album catalogue. To describe Herbaliser to the uninitiated: full fat horn fronted funkstars with a vintage keys n' vibes formula, super scratched and funadamentally deep grooved; prepare for irreversible mind expansion. Support comes from Aphletik.

Tickets for Saturday night's gig at the Forum are £15 in advance or £18 on the door, according to the official website. (The advance ticket price of £15 actually translates to £18.50, however, when you add on the booking fee.)

Herbaliser, as part of their parallel 'hearts and minds' strategy to take London, have recognised kindred London spirts here in the Londonist Music Dungeon, and are offering up three goody bags to our loyal readers, including Herbaliser record bags, albums, skinz, lighters and stickers.

To be in with a chance of getting your hands on one of these goody bags, you just need to answer this simple question.

Which of the following is a commonly-used herb in cooking?

A. Orinoco

B. Oregano

C. Origami

If anyone gets this one wrong, we'll send Gordon Fucking Ramsay round to have words. You need to do the following:

1. Mail us at using a subject line of Take Me!. (If you don't use that exact subject our junk mail filter will chuck out your entry. Clicking here ought to open up your mail program with the appropriate details already filled in.

2. Include the correct answer to the above.

3. Include your name and address.

4. As we're already running a couple of competitions, we'll string this one out a bit, so you've got until 9am, Monday 27th June for this one.

5. Be one of the first three out of virtual e-mail hat. Bribes or begging e-mails don't affect your chances, neither do the obscene photos you've been sending. And attempts to phish our PayPal account details are just downright rude.

Please note that we can only post prizes to a UK mainland address so you'll need to provide this if you're going to enter.

Last Updated 09 June 2005