Bet The Bid

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Bet The Bid
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When you read in the Standard or wherever that the odds on London beating Paris to the 2012 Olympics are 'getting shorter' then you might be excused for thinking that this is a fair representation of the mood of the nation (or at least some of it).

However, you might be surprised to hear that at least one of these mathematical fluctuations is down to one lady from Middlesex who has too much disposable income (or a very serious problem).

Bookies William Hill recently took a £2,000 bet on London to win the 2012 bid from this mystery punter and that one bet is now "almost single handedly keeping London's odds within touching distance of Paris."

The woman opened the account with William Hill and "has placed bets on nothing else". So far she's put down £4,600 on London winning, which will net her £18,000 if we win.

So the obvious question is: what does she know that we don't?

Last Updated 15 June 2005