A Dream Come True for Children of the MTV Generation

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A Dream Come True for Children of the MTV Generation

When MTV hit the world in the 80s, did you have dreams of sporting a Flock of Seagulls hair style and introducing the newest Ah-Ha video Take on Me? When you go out on a Friday night and the DJ on decks is spinning something which you think you could definitely do better, do you wish that you could push him off the stage and take over? Do you have a knack for electronics and music and want to break open your old Atari and make it create music?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you need to attend this summer's completely free sonic sessions run by LektroLAB at the Hayward Gallery in June.

11 June they will be hosting a DJ workshop (which Londonist is considering attending and seeing just how much we can embarrass ourselves). A week later, there will be a VJ (you know, video jockey) workshop, followed will “Learn how to crack open your Casio, attack your Atari and smash your Speak and Spell and ‘bend’ their circuits to produce unique musical instruments.” Now, it would pain Londonist to break apart the some of the only relics of our childhood, but for the sake of art – why not?

If the excitement of all of this is just too much for you and you think you may faint from your childhood dreams coming true then stop reading now because on 8 July – you will have the chance to perform!

Here is the catch though – the pamphlet the Hayward is distributing says that it is suitable for ages 15 -25, for Londonist this means that only one of us would be able to participate, but we are sure that if you contact the Hayward they will make an exception for a particularly enthusiastic Londoner. You have been warned though, 15 year old students (and perhaps younger) will be in attendance and will probably snicker behind your back, but isn’t it all worth it for your five minutes of fame?

If you want to join any of the above workshops and are available for the final rehearsal 2 July and performance on 8 July please contact Polly at [seethrough at hayward.org.uk] for more information.

Last Updated 06 June 2005