Robots With Scalpels

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Robots With Scalpels

The future is finally here people: they're letting robots remove our internal organs, surely the jetpacks and the hoverboards can't be too far behind?

According to the report a patient at London's Guy's Hospital recently underwent live kidney transplant surgery, performed by a robot. We're not told what kind of robot we're just told that it's called "the da Vinci Robot".

In our imagination the da Vinci Robot has fifteen arms, each holding a different surgical instrument, and he emits anaesthetic gas from his evil robotic eyes...but we could be wrong.

The other A.I. advancement taking place in London's hospitals is Sister Mary: a "Remote Presence Robot" that "glides between beds and allows the controlling doctor to visually examine and communicate with a patient from anywhere in the world."

The controlling doctor, meanwhile, can control the robot by joystick and can view patient records and test results "from afar".

We have heard that if you line up a few of these things and waggle the joysticks back and forth really really fast, that it's just like a futuristic version of Daley Thompson's Decathalaon, but that's just a rumour.

Last Updated 18 May 2005