Midweek Music News

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Midweek Music News

Another Wednesday, another Midweek Music News, another attempt at an amusing preamble. And inspiration deserts us to the extent that we resort to the lazy journalist's technique of the dreaded self-referencing paragraph apropos of nothing. To the music news then:

Thursday 12th - The Magic Numbers play at The Forum, and tickets may still be available, if you're lucky. As far as we could tell, most were balcony seats, but try your luck at The Numbers' messageboard where tickets may be offered up at the last minute. This is the biggest gig to date for The Numbers, support slots excepted. Our enchantment with their music has no doubt been reinforced by the intimacy of the gigs we've been to (apart from February's disrupted Bush Hall gig) and we're eager to see how they play to a large audience.


If you're not having any luck with getting tickets for The Magic Numbers, and your musical taste is wide enough to accommodate something a bit different to them, then go and see Lorca who are headlining The Marquee, Leicester Square. Lorca ply their trade in an "electro rock served against a backdrop of dance fused electronica" stylee and look to be on the up after a reconsideration of their initial sound, so take the opportunity to see them now.

The Breadcrumb Trail Flyer - 13th May

Friday 13th - The Breadcrumb Trail (flyer on the right, click to see a larger version) gives you a double bill at the Spread Eagle, a Burlesque Stripper Bar on the corner of Old Street and Kingsland Road, directly opposite Herbal. Londonist favourites The Colonies are followed by The Furies. Entrance is free but you're well advised to get there by 10pm to make sure you're not locked out.

Londonist is particularly looking forward to this one. The Colonies sampler CD we received last year is worn out through being played so much (see this previous feature for our thoughts on it) and this will be an opportunity so see the maiden live performances of some new songs. We're so excited we're even breaking our normal triskaidekaphobic 'cower under the bed covers' strategy and venturing outside for the evening.

The Breadcrumb Trail will also feature the bellicose-sounding Fuck Off and Die DJs, who take no prisoners with their disc-spinning, juxtoposing their Sinatra next to their Lightning Bolt.

Also taking place on Friday is Club:Hedonistic at the Islington Bar Academy, brought to you by Hedon. Hedon themselves won't be playing, as they appear to have mislaid three band members (to lose one member might be considered unfortunate; to lose two might be considered careless; to lose three...) since we last saw them and, despite replacing two of the three, are a crucial lead guitarist short. If you fancy auditioning get in touch with the band via their website.

Looking ahead to next Tuesday 17th, there looks to be a cracking night at Health & Happiness. Brought to you by the people who run the Rock'n'rollSoul night we've mentioned on Londonist before, the Health and Happiness night looks to bring you more of a country, bluegrass and blues tip. The live performer is the wonderful Mr David Viner and Ben Swank from the Soledad Brothers will be plying his vinyl-spinning skills.

Health & Happiness takes place at The Social at Little Portland Street, W1, next Tuesday, 7pm-midnight. Entry is - woohoo! - free.


A band to whom the words 'health' and 'hapiness' are rarely applied would be 9 Songs cover stars Black Rebel Motorcycle Club who return to our shores in June to play the Scala on the 16th ahead of new material (just pray that Michael Winterbottom isn't there with his camera.). There's a snippet of track on the site that makes us feel BMRC are also lining up for a part in the next Roberto Rodriguez Mexican shoot out.

The interminably dull 9 Songs could have been livened up considerably by NYs highly acclaimed (and in our humble opinion utterly bonkers) Antony And The Johnsons. AATJ bring their gender twisting soulful camp gospel Musical art rock show tunes to the Queen Elizabeth Hall on June 24 and from what we've heard expect grand things. Check this for sounds.

There's also still time to catch up with the jazzy folky funk mellow stylings (look just listen for yourself here) of the Forestbrook Folkestra at the Ritzy Cafe, Brixton.

And finally you may have heard of Last Days, Gus Van Sant's new film that 'fictionalises' the last few days in the life of Curt Cobain. So Elephant with less guns and more guitars then. The trailer's now available here but be warned. It has French subtitles!


If you're a band looking to get coverage in Londonist, get in touch with the music team, after reading these handy tips on How To Get Into Londonist's Music Posts.

This week's MMN was brought to you with the assistance of One Dove - Breakdown.

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