London Eye Imbroglio: Ken Intervenes!

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London Eye Imbroglio: Ken Intervenes!

South Bank Centre rent for the London Eye for one year? £65,000.

Proposed SBC rent for the London Eye for one year? £1 million.

Lord Hollick? £fucking minted.

Resulting scandal? £noisy and noisome.

Mayor Ken's intervention, slapping down the French, displaying the usual tact bypass, and calling Lord Hollick a prat? PRICELESS.

Yes, we make no apologies for returning to the Eye fuss, and the SBC is probably wishing it had stuck to mugging old ladies on pension day rather than trying to extort one of London's best-loved tourist attractions. Renowned newt-fancier Ken Livingstone, 59, has weighed into the row, and by golly a colourful mess has only been improved by his presence.

Urging Lord Hollick to step down, Mr Livingstone vowed to keep the landmark in the capital.

Speaking to the London Assembly, he said: "Now, with the bid from France to take it over and park it in the middle of Paris for their Olympic bid, it just shows what a complete prat Lord Hollick has become and how damaging he is to Britain's interests and he should go."

He also dismissed rumours that Paris hoped to buy the Eye.

So Paris isn't trying to buy the Eye, but Ken's still happy to say Hollick is a prat - I'll type that again, it's a joy to the fingers - Hollick is a prat for even creating the situation where that possibility could have been raised? Well, good for Ken.

Can we now bury this controversy? The Eye is not going anywhere and should not go anywhere.

Last Updated 26 May 2005