God Bless The Tube

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God Bless The Tube

The London Underground and the Good Lord aren't normally to found in the same context, but this story from today's papers manages to combine the two.

This week, Mike Challis, general manager for the Piccadilly Line received an envelope containing £400 in fifty pound notes.

Quickly dismissing the idea that TfL had decided to deliver this year's track maintenance budget by post, Mike read the accompanying letter, composed by a repentant fare dodger who was now living in New Zealand as a born again Christian:

While living in London I often travelled on the Underground. Occasionally the train would be about to leave the station and there was no time to buy a ticket from the ticket machine, so I usually paid at the other end when asked for my ticket by ticket collectors.

In some of these cases there was no-one collecting tickets at the other end. Sometimes I would buy a ticket from the machine at the other end of my journey, then rip it up and put it in the bin. Other times I did not pay for the ride at all.

The letter concluded: "I can't stand the thought of stealing and therefore I enclose £400 to cover my fare." and was signed A. Christian.

To LU's credit, the money has been donated to the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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