Geek Fest 2005

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Geek Fest 2005

The first guests at the 2005 London Film & Comic Convention have been announced and the list is enough to get nerd-Londonist's happy on. We like to try and look cool on the tube with our oh so ironic t-shirts and a battered copy of Proust in hand, but all we're really thinking about is whether Commander Adama survived that assassination attempt and how come Enterprise even managed to fuck up the recent mirror universe episodes...

Cast off your 'capital of cool' exterior and join us in your best Comic Book Guy impression by exclaiming Best. Festival. Ever.

We'll be queuing for hours to see if the new Lt Boomer is that cute in person, shaking our head at Charisma Carpenter for running her character into the ground on Angel and then having the nerve to turn up in Charmed, shuddering at how Daisy Duke has aged, be mesmerised by the bulging parts of Lou Ferrigno and Elvira, asking Jonathan Breck who the hell he is, forgiving Ron Perlman for not delivering a decent Hellboy movie and trying to recognise Scorpius without all the bondage gear. Oh yeah, and pelting the cast of Voyager just for fun.

Glen A Larson will also be on hand which should be an almost religious experience as he provided the soundtrack to our youth and told parables that have had a longer lasting effect than all that crap about Jesus and his magic tricks.

The dates for your fanboy diary are Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of June. Be there and be square.

Last Updated 13 May 2005

Robert John Kaper

Charisma.. drool. Why are the good things always a week after my trips?


I feel the same about SF. I have a knack for flying in there just before and just after all the good stuff.

I even managed to get stuck there over 9-11 so the whole bloody city shut down. Being grounded was good though as I got to see Stiff Little Fingers play a blinding gig while they were stuck there too.


Hey... leave Voyager alone. Captain Janeway was the best goddamn captain that earth has ever known.


You really think so?

I bet any of the women from Farscape could take her in a knife fight.

Robert John Kaper

I bet even Rygel could. Trek series have proven to be three times a charm: DS9 is king.


So people keep telling me, but I can't get past the fact that it was like a motorway service station in space.