Geek Alert: Star Wars Cast & Crew Screening

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Geek Alert: Star Wars Cast & Crew Screening

If you're like us and were either too slow or too apathetic to try and get tickets to the Star Wars Geek-A-Thon marathon next Monday, then you still have a chance to test your blagging skills on Sunday morning:

The last Cast and Crew screening for 'Revenge of the Sith' is Sunday 15th May, 9.30am, Odeon Leicester Square, London ... It will feature the customary last minute amendments that Lucas loves, rumour is that there are a few extra shots.

Even if you should somehow fail to charm your way into the cinema, you might clap eyes on a few of the film's actors.

All this, of course, is mere prelude to the gala events the next day in Leicester Square, and the "proper" opening of the film on Thursday. Which we wouldn't care much about, except that it appears that this episode might just not suck: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and, yes, even our venerable Evening Standard have all given it more or less rave reviews, and it is currently hitting 89% on the Tomatometer, which is a good sign.

If you've read this far, we feel your pain.

Last Updated 09 May 2005