Breathless London

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Breathless London

Marylebone: shops, bars, restaurants increased death rates, respiratory disease and more asthma attacks. At least that's what to expect according to a

press release from Friends of the Earth who reveal that air pollution levels in London are breaking European law and that the government could face prosecution by the European Commission as levels of fine particles at a monitoring site on Marylebone Road exceeded European standards for the 36th day this year while computer modeling suggests that the EU law is probably also being broken across the West End.

At this rate we'll be re-introducing gas masks and shipping the kids out to the countryside again just to breathe.

London Campaign Co-ordinator, Jenny Bates said:

"This breach proves that the Government, the Mayor and Westminster City Council aren't doing enough to tackle traffic pollution in central London. They must immediately bring forward new measures to cut traffic or ban the dirtiest vehicles. The health of hundreds of thousands of Londoners is at risk."

New measures eh? How about those nifty chain spikes that police throw in front of cars on bad TV shows at 3am? Or better still just pedestrianise everything inside the M25. It could easily be done during the run of Big Brother 6 when the city goes into its annual coma.

Last Updated 23 May 2005