Booking Ahead

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Booking Ahead

Londonist Recommends: Sons of Genius Play Works Of Genius

We might be looking forward to the bank holiday but not half as much as we are to being in the Royal Festival Hall on the 2nd November.

We'll let the press release speak for itself...

Subjecting themselves to mastering QUITE A BIT of the most challenging repertoire ever conceived for a Rock & Roll stage, warble-monster Ahmet and shred-fisted Dweezil will be taking ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA on the road. The Tour de Frank launches 25 October for the ever-popular hygienic European version following final finishing touches in France!


This Deep Dish Extravaganza will include a FRENZY of Mysterious Entertainment DELIGHTS - Lights! Music! Action! Real Musicians - You never know who might show up onstage! Spotlights! Stars! Also featuring exciting filmic adventures from the life of a Composer - A MAN WHO WROTE DOTS ON PAPER!

NO TWO SHOWS THE SAME: That's right, Folks! Don't touch that dial! Expect the Unexpected! Expect the long-anticipated release of Frank Zappa's TRANCE-FUSION. Coincidence? Uh uh! Guitar fans welcome!

For more snazzy impertinence check out

Need we say more? At the time of typing tickets weren't on sale so check back at the RAH site or here

Well, if you can take any more there are a few more recommended shows after, as they say, the


American Idiots Not So Stupid Now

Over at Aloud there are a final few tickets to see Green Day at Milton Keynes on Saturday 18th June. The success of American Idiot shed the mantle of comic punk band responsible for Good Charlotte (ever undeserved, well the first bit anyway) and Billie Jo and the lads have been one of the few US exports of late to genuinely win hearts and minds. The truth is that Green Day have always been a stunning live band so if you can be there then GO! It doesn't matter what your taste in music is. In years to come those who were there will rightfully say: "If you weren't there you were somewhere else having a shit time."

Seminal Riot Girrrls Back, Beautiful, Brilliant

Having picked up Sleater Kinney's latest single (at some expense but on lovely deep pink vinyl) we'll also be at Kokos on the 2nd September. Check out the latest In The Woods from Washington State's finest Riot Grrrls here.

Odd Name, Great Sounds

Whilst we're still on a tinitus trip Pittsburgh finest punk blues (or is that blues punk) merchants Modey Lemon are at Water Rats this coming Wednesday. Come on it's pay day, go see a band.

If You Like The Magic Numbers You'll Love...

And if you'd rather your rock was California melody sun kissed you could be at the Astoria instead for Teenage Fanclub. Expect gentle indie harmonies and the odd burst of frenetic madness, but only the odd burst these days, they're getting on a bit you know.

And You'll Probably Also Love

And if TFC are too hardcore for you there's always a trip back to Kokos on the 17th for Joy Zipper. A little time on the road should have stirred them from their near somnambulistic performance last time.

Or If You're Feeling A Little More Adventurous

You might of course have no desire to see nay of these bands. So maybe you'd rather see A Hawk And A Hacksaw at Bardensbar on June 9. A Hawk And A Hacksaw's

unmissable live show displays the virtuosity of multi-instrumentalist Jeremy on accordion, vocals and percussion (simultaneously!) accompanied by Heather Trost on violin, glockenspiel and melodica. It's a musical journey across the most varied of terrain, dipping in and out of modern composition and American and Eastern European folk traditions in his inimitable style.

And Finally

If you're looking for shows over the weekend then if you really want to you might be able to track down a ticket for The Bravery, Saturday through Monday at the Astoria.

Vincent Vincent And The Villains are at the Barfly tonight, Lou Barlow's at the Islington Academy and Alabama 3 at Shepherd's Bush on Sunday. Anything else and you're on your own although you could do worse than kick back in the sunshine with Robert Plant's excellent Mighty ReArranger.

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