The Mystery Of The Dysfunctional Car Alarms

By Rob Last edited 214 months ago
The Mystery Of The Dysfunctional Car Alarms

Residents of Meopham village (it's just south of Gravesend) are being plagued by "mystery interference" which is causing them to be locked out of their cars.

According to This is Local London, the villagers "have been disrupted for two weeks by the strange happening", which causes car locking systems to "go beserk".

The villagers are placing the blame squarely on a Vodafone mast at the local train station but the company has said "there is no way it is responsible".

Londonist would have to agree, have the residents of Meopham never seen Westworld or The Terminator? Do they not know that one day the machines will rise up and wreak their vengeance upon us?

In fact, we're pretty sure it mentions somethig about faulty car locks in Revelations somewhere...or was it Nostrodamus?

Last Updated 27 April 2005