The Great Postcode Debate

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The Great Postcode Debate

The BBC news site today has a surprisingly long article on the current furore surrounding London postcodes.

It seems that a businessman in Ilford is arguing that his postcode of IG1 should be changed to E19 as it's in the Borough of Redbridge and is "confusing customers...who presume the business is far away from London."

The argument against is put forward by a local estate agent who points out that a London postcode would "mean higher house and rental prices".

The BBC then gives us a quick rundown of what some London postcodes mean:

There are well established post codes, such a [sic] Wimbledon (SW19) associated with respectability, and there are edgy postcodes, such as W10 (north Kensington) which are desirable areas but very mixed and cosmopolitan.

And then we get a statement from "self-confessed Essex girl" (and, presumably, postcode expert) Jodie Marsh:

"A lot of people I know in London are moving to Essex because there is more countryside and culture. Its [sic] a really great place and I don't know why anybody would want to leave there or be ashamed of living there."

You can read more about the history of the London here, and here, or find out why there's no NE or S postcodes here.

There's a map of London postcodes here (and here...and here).

Last Updated 05 April 2005