Star Wars Geek-A-Thon Set for May 16th

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Star Wars Geek-A-Thon Set for May 16th

TheForce.Net are reporting that they have their hands on an anonymous memo a press release stating that a massive Star Wars event will take place in and around Leicester Square on May 16th, three days before the first public showings of Episode III:

For the first and last time, anywhere in the world, Lucasfilm have agreed to screen the complete Star Wars Saga in one sitting at UCI Empire.

All six movies will be screened at the Empire on Monday 16 May - Three days before the global release of Episode III. All tickets will be onsale to the general public at £50 each.

George Lucas & key stars will introduce the movies at the Empire.*

The worldwide media event will showcase the cinema and square. Leicester Square will be fully dressed including The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing throughout the day in the square; the 501st Legion Storm Troopers will control the entrance points to the square, and an X-Wing fighter will exhibit in the gardens.

Londonist was hesitant about passing along this information for two reasons:

  1. We were just as upset as anyone about the revisionism and quality lapses that have plagued old Chinless George for the last 10 years and permanently tainted our warm memories of Star Wars. There is no excuse for The Phantom Menace, and Attack of the Clones could have made a pretty decent half-hour television special with some crafty editing. If you nodded your head when Simon Pegg torched all his Star Wars swag in Spaced, then you know that Londonist cannot endorse nor allow ourselves to get enthused about another potentially cringe-inducing violation of our childhood mythology.
  2. We didn't want to tell more people about this and blow our chances of getting tickets.

*We should point out that George & Co's "introductions" will most likely be onscreen and not in person. But you're too cool to care about that. We know.

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