Regarding the Not-so-small WEEE Man

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Regarding the Not-so-small WEEE Man

11207120_550a6c6dde.jpg If you have been anywhere near City Hall in the past two days there is no way to have missed the WEEE Man structure being erected. It bears a striking resemblence to what the Terminator looked like when his "human skin" melted off in the fire, but Londonist has discovered a much deeper purpose to him.

The WEEE Man is a "huge 3 tonne figure (which) stands 7 metres high and is totally composed of WEEE – from washing machines to mobile phones and electronic toys. This represents the amount of waste that a single person in the UK is likely to produce in a lifetime."

So you all may ask, Why WEEE Man? Well, according to the website,

The RSA WEEE man forms part of the RSA’s Manifesto Challenge of moving towards a zero waste society. This initiative will raise public awareness of WEEE and be a catalyst for action for consumers, retailers, designers and manufacturers to focus on successfully dealing with WEEE, including recycling, reuse, repair, refurbishment, and sustainable manufacturing.

This creative project serves to create a breathtaking and stark depiction of the individual contribution to electrical and electronic waste, the fastest growing municipal waste source in the UK.

Londonist is waiting with baited breathe to see how the public reacts. Will WEEE Man become the number one tourist attraction? Will drunk college students attempt to scale the seven metre structure? or will everyone look forward to his 28-day installation period to be over so they can throw their WEEE out without images of him coming after them in the night, consuming their WEEE and growing even larger?

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Between the weeeman and the earth from above installation, that area is becoming an environmental guilt-trap. London consumes twice as much water as all of England did 20 years ago! (AH!) You produce 7 tonnes of electronic waste in your life! (oh no!) You're all going to die a fiery fiery death when the ozone layer explodes and the sun crashes into the earth (shit!). The problem with the exhibitions is they are all well and good, but don't actually give any suggestions as to how we can change our lifestyles. Maybe the weeeman will tell us once he's finished.


hahah. well put katcha - but as we all know, it is just up to them to make the problem so astronomically HUGE that instead of thinking about a solution, we all panic and eventually fall back into our apathetic state so that in another year's time they can erect another WEEE Man and launch another campaign.


Maybe they should create a Weeeman for everyone in London that lurks in the corner of the living room and attacks at random. It could shrink and grow according to how good you are at recycling etc. Maybe that would have the desired effect?


Wobble: rofl. That is an amazing idea. It would defintely work for me.

Paul Crake

I'm a bit mystified by some of the criticisms above, that we "never tell people what to do about the problem". The whole point of the WEEE Man was to draw attention to, a website with a host of more information about the problem and, wait for it, a range of suggestions about what all of us can do. The RSA doesn't need excuses to run campaigns - as we've discovered over more than 250 years of campaigning, there are more than enough problems to address in the world and each generation throws up new ones.